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Mark Howard has appeared and trained with some of the best Spiritual Mediums in the UK as well as being the lead Medium for the Scream Paranormal Team. He is also a Psychic Investigator, Author, Podcaster and Radio Presenter for the Here and Beyond Paranormal Show.

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He has investigated some of the most haunted locations in the UK including the infamous Black Swan Hotel in Wiltshire and the Black Horse Pub in Pluckley – reported to be the most haunted village in the UK.

During a paranormal investigation at the Cage in Essex, UK, a location which was used to detain “witches” prior to being hanged; Mark indicated to the team that there were bodies buried under the floor. The area of the floor was excavated after the investigation and indeed revealed a number of human remains as Mark had correctly confirmed.

His approach to his readings, using strictly the information given to him by his guides means unlike some readers, he does not take the literal meaning of the cards. This way he can be assured to give you an accurate, psychic reading each time

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Everyone has the potential to unlock their psychic abilities and to use this in their day to day life. Being able to connect with these abilities allow you to develop in yourself and help with your path, work, health, and even family life.


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This definitive guide has been developed and used by Mark's students the world over. With step-by-step instructions on how to read tarot and includes 14 easy to use tarot spreads and their meanings to get you started right away.


The Paranormal Files

The accounts and stories outlined in this book are those that I have featured on my paranormal radio show, Here and beyond, and includes what I believe to be some of the most exciting and fascinating stories from across the paranormal community.

Client Feedback

A very small selection of the 100's of reviews Mark has received

"You are always spot on. I did a reading with you 2 years ago and you had a feeling in your eye and shoulders, a pain. My youngest brother had a stroke and my eldest brother had a heart attack and op. Both survived. Your latest reading is once again spot on. Thanks so much!"

Ms R, Cape Town, South Africa

"WOW - I don't know what else to say. You said that there would be a joining of finances within the next 6 months and although he said he would never get married again, my partner proposed to me at Christmas. Thank you so much, WOW- AMAZING"

Mrs B, New York, USA

"Mark has a very special gift and is an exceptional person. He is patient and explained everything in his reading. I cannot believe how much he knew and how much he predicted. A truly remarkable person"

Mr P, Brighton, Sussex, UK

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